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Holeshot Performance specializes in the high performance standards as well as a few other selected models. We are also well known as the innovator of the original Holeshot Electric Power shifter, the Power Shifter 2, the Barrel Trigger up-grade and Dales fully patented Electric Power Shifter 3 push button solenoid shifter.

Electronics and Encoders for Recording Cam Lobe Measurements. As Seen on TV's Motorhead Garage to view clip of show. Our Cam Test Stand is shown below. It's encoders measure lift to .00004 inches (4 hundredths of one one thousandth of an inch) and cam rotation angle to .036 degrees. Standard "non-motorized" Stand w V Blocks Motorized Cam Test ...
Web Cam Inc. makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the prices and specifications listed on our web site. However, prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Prices listed do not reflect shipping and handling charges, nor sales tax (if applicable).
    1. Welcome to our Camshaft Selection Page. You're probably noticing that this landing page looks a little different than it used to. Since we offer both new camshafts and regrinding services for almost all makes, we have broken our different cams up further by dividing cams offered for different manufacturers into subcategories to make it quicker to find what you're looking for.
    2. Mar 17, 2018 · On top of the block, they installed a 16-valve DOHC head with the VTEC system. The F22C head is the same as the F20C head, but in F22C, new camshafts were used. Here are the F22C cam specs: duration 296/296 deg, lift 12.37/12.06 mm. The F22C1 engine needs periodic valve adjustment after every 105,000 miles.
    3. Compression Ratio 8.9:1. This engine is equipped with the same camshaft from F22A6 engine, have the 4-1 header and simple intake manifold from F22A1 without IABS. Built to be supplied for the Gulf Market models, be they Accord and Prelude, this is a reason which is very unknown in America, and there is not so much information.
    4. VPD Develops and sells proven performance technology for your vintage car .... For more than a decade VPD has been developing products designed to enhance the performance of vintage Volvos, for both street and competition use. We have become known worldwide for our unique line of high quality Volvo performance parts for both street and race use.
    5. At Honda Parts Wholesale Direct, we sell genuine OEM Honda parts and Honda accessories at wholesale prices for your Civic, Accord, Pilot, CRV, and more! Search a huge inventory and save money today.
    6. The turbo kits we stock are consistently manufactured with high-quality materials and designed for optimal performance, reliability, your vehicle's safety in mind,and minimal spool-up time. For outstanding low-end torque and high-achieving horsepower, look no further than our stock of turbo kits.
    7. Big cams make big power but are not as much fun for many of us. "SMOOTH" idle is as smooth or almost as smooth as a stock OEM engine and has high manifold vacuum, 18 inches or more. These engines work well with the stock exhaust system and torque converter but all engines benefit from a good performance exhaust system and a higher stall torque ...
    8. Honda 2.2/2.3l F22a1/f22b1 B2 B6/h23a/h23a4 H Beam Rods Accord/prelude 5.581arp $289.00 Darton 200-016 Straight Replacement Sleeves For Honda F22a F22b F23 Sohc F22
    Email - [email protected] Phone 1-888-627-3736. No Reviews. $ 2,445.99 $ 2,717.77. Instant Savings of 10% ($271.78) Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. Learn more. Preorder, this item typically ships in 4-6 weeks! Ships by Thu, Oct 28 when ordered within 19 hrs and 29 mins.
Honda 2.2/2.3l F22a1/f22b1 B2 B6/h23a/h23a4 H Beam Rods Accord/prelude 5.581arp $289.00 Darton 200-016 Straight Replacement Sleeves For Honda F22a F22b F23 Sohc F22

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F-Series and H-series wire harnesses offer Mil-Spec Teflon coated wire with a maximum heat rating of 200°C . The Teflon coated wire is loomed with The highest quality Raychem DR-25 heat shrink covering, and adhesive lined wire junctions to keep moisture out.

FITS: 90-93 Honda / Accord 2.2L L4 SOHC Naturally Aspirated F22A1 FITMENT NOTES: w/ Oil Pump & Timing Belt Or Timing Kit If Applicable, Master Kit You are assured to receive a worldwide proven Master Engine Rebuild Kit quality part with OE quality fit and performance. Performance Parts for 1992 Honda Accord. Aftermarket performance parts are designed, tested, and manufactured to higher tolerances and are required to meet higher performance parameters compared to their OEM counterparts. The difference between placing first or second in a race, or finishing at all, depends largely upon the performance of these ...How many horsepower does a Honda F22A6 have? F22A6: 140 hp (104 kW) at 5,600 rpm. The F22A6 is the same as the F22A1 except for a slightly more aggressive camshaft, a better flowing cast exhaust manifold, a different more aggressively tuned ECU (PT6), and a different intake manifold that utilizes IAB's and also has a bigger plenum.

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