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Update 2015/03/08: Added DE1 board files and a small bug fix. Fixed the repo link below to point to the right revision. During my efforts to learn more about fpga's I found a nice tutorial about VGA in VHDL on the DE1 board on youtube. I was surprised how easy it is to do it when you got it explained 🙂

I find it easier to implement a VGA controller that can switch resolutions on the fly then an I2C controller on a FPGA. The opposite is however true when I'm programming a microcontroller.
The Bitec HDCP IP Core is for use with the Bitec DP and HDMI IP cores. It is designed to ease the integration of content protection to FPGA and ASIC based designs with support for versions HDCP 1.3, 1.4 and 2.2. Features. Supports Version 1.3, 1.4 and 2.2; 1-, 2- and 4-symbol/clock operation; Optional Key Management Service; Fully self contained
    1. Output Linux´s Video to VGA controller in FPGA Fabric through AXI on CV SoC. I designed a custom expansion board for the de0 nano SoC with an AD 7123 video DAC and a wolfson audio dac. I have an VGA controller running fine on the FPGA fabric side (driving the AD7123) but now i need to output the video from linux to the VGA controller (Angstrom ...
    2. Overview. This page contains basic information describing the use of the VGA output port provided on the Altera UP2 Educational board. VHDL source code for a simple VGA controller (VgaCon) is provided.The purpose of VgaCon is to isolate the details of VGA signal generation from all the other modules in a design.
    3. An FPGA VGA controller is the perfect use case for testing the capabilities of an FPGA because this standard doesn't require any complex encoding or high CPU clock speeds. There are different issues you can address when working with these two technologies, from building a simple VGA driver to working on an FPGA open architecture design for a ...
    4. Using block RAM Flex10K CPUs Flex10KE CPUs Multiprocessors Multis and fast unis Inner loop datapaths Supercomputers Systems-on-a-Chip SoC On-Chip Buses On-chip Memory VGA controller Small footprints CNets CNets and Datapaths Generators vs. synthesis FPGAs vs. Processors CPUs vs. FPGAs Emulating FPGAs FPGAs as coprocessors Regexps in FPGAs Life ...
    5. The controller is implemented on an Arduino Pro Mini clone. The Arduino's SPI pins are connected to an SD card reader. The SD card is accessed using the Arduino SD library (the Arduino acting as SPI master). The data is then transferred to the FPGA using a second SPI connection (the Arduino acting as SPI slave).
    6. The alternative is to use an FPGA as Guillem has suggested. also has a VGA controller core that you can integrate into an FPGA design. I'd love to be able to use them myself but I have real trouble seeing the pins on the packages that these devices come in nowadays (0.5mm pitch TQFP144's for example).
    7. VGA-interfaced monitor. This platform is composed of an OV7670 camera, a Nexys-4 FPGA board, and a monitor with VGA port. Generally the design with FPGA contains three interfaces written by Verilog HDL: the Camera Controller, Image Capture, and VGA Master. The Camera Controller is basically an I2C master for configuring functional registers of ...
    8. FPGA is a kind of programmable silicon chip, DSP is digital signal processing, when the system designer is facing the important question of whether to use FPGA or DSP in the architectural design stage of the project.This article will first introduce the characteristics of FPGA and DSP separately, and then analyze the differences between the two from the perspectives of internal resources ...
    9. EBX - Industrial Dual-Core Intel® Atom™ D525 Single Board Computer -- EBC-C384-D2-1 from WinSystems, Inc.. WinSystems ' EBC-C384-D2-1 is an industrial EBX-compatible Single Board Computer (SBC) which uses Intel 's Atom D525 dual-core 1.80GHz processor paired with the ICH8M I/O controller hub.
    The using Gameduino with other hardware explains how to get Gameduino running with a new microcontroller. If you are interested in making your own Gameduino, or building it for another FPGA, Making a Gameduino should help. There is a FAQ. A Guide for artists explains how to create graphics for the Gameduino.
The controller uses a serial protocol for communicating button states, and therefore a receiver module needed to be implemented to use the controller with the game. I based the project around the affordable and capable Basys 3 development board which uses a Xilinx Artix-7 series FPGA, with 33k logic cells, and 1800 kbits of block RAM.

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Finally, you'll be able to consolidate all the projects in the book to create a unified output using a Video Graphics Array (VGA) controller that you'll design. By the end of this SystemVerilog FPGA book, you'll have learned how to work with FPGA systems and be able to design hardware circuits and boards using SystemVerilog programming.

This work presents an open architecture proposal for a VGA (Video Generic Array) controller to be used into embedded systems based in FPGA. Several developers of hardware design, which use some hardware description language, have a video library to be used with VHDL or Verilog language, but in most of cases, we need to buy an expensive annual license, and can be used only for the manufacturer ...In this case VDMA controller control and status registers are mapped at 0x43000000 using AXI-Lite and that memory address can be written to in order to initiate a DMA transfer. In this example MM2S portion is disabled and S2MM portion of the VDMA controller has access to the whole physical memory range of 512MB on ZYBO via AXI High Performance ...

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